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VeriGrain wins prestigious award for innovation in agriculture


SASKATOON – VeriGrain™ is the winner of an AE50 award for its grain sampling and data management system. VeriGrain is a unique product launched this year that provides the most accurate and real-time stored grain quality and quantity information.

 Sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, the AE50 awards celebrate product innovations in the areas of agricultural food and biological systems. From the entries submitted each year, an expert panel of engineers selects approximately 50 products for recognition. The award-winning products are those ranked highest in innovation, significant engineering advancement and impact on the market served.


VeriGrain solves a significant problem in the agriculture sector that stems from growers and buyers having limited knowledge of the quality of the grain or lacking a digital record. This results in growers realizing less revenue than they should and creates inefficiencies for buyers.

 With the VeriGrain App, growers can create a digital record for tracking quality and quantity as grain is sampled when it is loaded into or out of storage. It ensures samples are accurate, streamlines interaction with testing labs, and gives the grower more detailed knowledge they can easily share digitally with buyers. This results in enhanced revenue for the grower, traceability, and reduces rejections and downgrades. Buyers receive what they purchased and operate more efficiently, reducing costs.


“This is a prestigious award that we are thrilled to win and confirmation of the importance of VeriGrain to the agriculture sector and the food chain,” says Ken Jackson, VeriGrain CEO. “VeriGrain isn’t just a new product, it is a much-needed new standard that provides more accurate and accessible grain quality and quantity information sooner.”

 Growers can download the VeriGrain App on iOS and Android for an introductory subscription price of $295 per year. VeriGrain also sells individually bar coded 3.5 and five-gallon containers and tamper-evident sample bags which preserve the samples and simplify sample tracking.

For more information about the VeriGrain App, visit verigrain.com or email info@verigrain.com.



About VeriGrain

VeriGrain™ is an inventory intelligence system that significantly improves the accuracy and ease of grain quality and quantity determination, sharing and tracking. It gives growers more accurate information so they can find maximum prices while giving buyers confidence what they are buying will be delivered.

VeriGrain creates a digital record as grain is loaded into or out of storage which can be easily shared with labs and buyers. It also assists with sample accuracy and preservation and streamlines analysis ordering and tracking. This results in enhanced transparency, traceability and trust between growers and buyers.

VeriGrain proves that knowledge is profit.

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Ken Jackson

CEO, VeriGrain


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