Link-Belt at Construction on the National Mall

Link-Belt_2Moving the Earth, Sustainably

Link-Belt Excavator Company has a strong history of improving machine fuel consumption to lower our carbon footprint with each new generation. A forward-thinking leader in sustainability, we provide customers with products for smart earth-moving while supporting productivity and efficiency, reducing negative environmental effects, and enhancing solutions.

Prioritizing Innovations

We’re proud of our advancements to improve diesel engine technology, specialized hydraulic refinements, and emerging onboard computer technologies for fuel mapping and hydraulic usage. Technologies like Spool Stoke Control, Dynamic Stability Assist, Payload, and Precision Grade aid in performance efficiency. RemoteCare telematics with GPS technology monitors machine performance, service intervals, and engine idle times to allow more control over consumption.

Link-Belt_1 Reducing Fossil Fuel Emissions

Our fuel consumption improvements and increased cycle times support productivity while using less fuel, resulting in lower exhaust emissions. We proudly practice sustainability by using electronically controlled hydraulic pumps, custom flow balance to fine-tune operation and ECO mode for improved fuel consumption.

 Future Forward: The Vision towards Carbon Neutral

By 2030, Link-Belt’s goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 30%Link-Belt_3 compared to 2019 emissions; by 2050, the target is 100% carbon neutrality.

Looking toward the future, we are exploring alternative fuel and power sources, such as biodiesel, hybrid technologies, battery technologies, and hydrogen-powered innovations. In addition to these advancements, we are seeking autonomy improvements, strengthening logistics, and utilizing eco-friendly machine paint.