Revolutionary Asphalt Paving and Maintenance Equipment Showcased at Construction on the Mall


The innovation of new equipment demonstrates ability to meet future demands of the industry, while maintaining performance and standards of existing product line.

“We know that the industry is making a move towards electric machines,”  

Chris Broome, Senior Product Manager at LeeBoy

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LeeBoy, a trusted manufacturer of reliable, high-performing equipment for the commercial asphalt market, will display three new products at the 2023 Construction On The Mall. Starting with the new electric Maximizer 2 Distributor that is designed to give users consistent, reliable heat for spraying emulsion, but also do so in a way that helps contractors reduce their carbon footprint. Next, showcasing the first prototype commercial electric paver with the 8520C E-Paver, in collaboration with General Motors (GM), Powertrain Control Solutions (PCS) and Engine Power Source (EPS). Lastly, displaying the all-new 8608 asphalt paver. Equipped with an efficient narrow conveyor management system, this machine is ideal for heavy commercial paving and large volume jobsites. 

Maximizer 2 Electric Distributor

“We wanted to take the proven performance of our Maximizer 2 Distributor and enhance it for current and future market demand,” Chris Broome, Senior Product Manager at LeeBoy said. “A lot of what you see on the Electric Maximizer 2 is a result of the proven performance the industry is familiar with, engineered for electric heating.” 

The Electric Maximizer 2 features a 13 KW generator that powers two 6000 Watt heating elements that maintain the heat of the material inside the tank. The machine does not require an additional battery, and has proven performance with the generator that is being used as it is the same generator featured in the LeeBoy 8520 asphalt pavers. 

“This machine was specifically designed to reduce the use of diesel and help contractors lower their carbon footprint,” Broome said. “We are taking power off of the engine and converting it into electricity for the two heating elements.”

Flameless, Reliable Heat = Improved Productivity 

Not only is this flameless heat reliable, it will also help contractors improve their productivity each day. 

“With flame type burners, whether they're propane or diesel, you can't heat while you're driving and one of the big bonuses with the Electric Maximizer 2 is you’ll be able to run the generator to heat or maintain heat while you're driving to the job site,” Broome said. “This will all but eliminate the downtime needed to heat material once you’ve arrived at the job site.”

Once the truck is powered off for the night, the machine is plugged into 240 VAC (50 Amp) single phase shop power. The electric elements will maintain material temperature without the use of diesel.

“The material temperature is thermostatically controlled so it's only heating when it needs to, keeping the material at the target temperature at all times” Broome said.

Visit LeeBoy at the Construction on the Mall, to learn more. 

Electric Max 2 Asphalt Distributor At A Glance

•         12’ Fully Circulating Folding Spray Bar

•         13KW Generator Powering Two 6KW Heating Elements

•         Maintains Heat During Travel, Overnight, and on the Job

•         77.7K BTU Oil Cooler

•         On-Board Heat Control Panel

•         Automatic In-Cab Controls

•         400 Gallons Per Minute Viking Asphalt Pump

•         Enviro-Flush Clean Out System

•         Accurate Application Regardless of Spray Bar Width or Speed



02 eMax - Walkaround_4k (1)

8520C Electric Asphalt Paver

The 8520C E-Paver continues to set the standard in heavy-commercial paving with the proven performance operators have come to expect from LeeBoy coupled with the ability to meet the future demands of the asphalt paving industry. 

 “We know that the industry is making a move towards electric machines,” Chris Broome, Senior Product Manager at LeeBoy said. “What we wanted to do with the E-Paver is take an automotive grade electric drive system and match it with established LeeBoy components. The hydraulic systems on the E-Paver are a mirror image of the 8520C that operators are used to, we replaced the diesel engine and LeeBoy integrated a compatible electric drive system.” 

 Leveraging a range of EV components and propulsion technologies provided by General Motors, with engineering support from Powertrain Control Solutions, the prototype 8520C E-Paver helps showcase the potential for electrification in the commercial asphalt paving industry.  

“As GM pursues its vision of an all-electric future, extending the advantages of EV technology beyond our core vehicle portfolio will continue to play a role in greater overall adoption,” says Travis Hester, GM vice president of EV Growth Operations. “This concept paver unit, created in collaboration with LeeBoy and PCS, highlights another exciting application and business that can benefit greatly from electrification.”  ePaver 8520c-18

 Enhanced Applications & Comfort for Operators 

 While the prototype 8520C E-Paver was designed with trusted LeeBoy features and technology like the Legend HD Screed, GM’s electric drive system not only helps contractors meet their sustainability goals, but can also improve operating efficiency and comfort.  

 “On the electric paver, contractors won’t be wasting fuel while idling,” Broome said. “Any time you put the machine in neutral, the paver powers down so you're not wasting energy waiting on trucks.” 

 As an additional benefit, operators can also experience decreased noise levels while using an electric machine and the standard operating station they are comfortable with on other LeeBoy machines.  ePaver 8520c-3

 “The controls feature our “LeeBoy Family Feel” and style,” Broome said. “They are standard to our electric over hydraulic controls so there won’t be a learning curve to jump in from an 8520 to this electric machine.” LeeBoy was able to maintain some of the familiar control style utilizing the controls development expertise of Engine Power Source (EPS). 

 Visit LeeBoy at the Construction on the Mall, to learn more. 

 Electric 8520C Asphalt Paver At A Glance:  

  • 150 KW Max Electric Drive Motor 
  •  48 KWh Battery Pack 
  • 120VAC or 240VAC Onboard Charger; Rapid Charging Available 
  • Legend HD Screed Variable up to 15’ 
  • LeeBoy Proven Hydraulic System 
  • 9 Ton Hopper 
  • 12” Diameter Quick Change Auger Assemblies 
  • Heavy Duty Conveyor Chains and Flight Bars 
  • Operator Friendly Toggle Switch Controls 

8608 Asphalt Paver

“We saw a demand in the market for a narrow conveyor machine in this size for certain crews and applications,” Chris Broome, Senior Product Manager at LeeBoy said. “We do offer a narrow conveyor on our larger 8616D machine and the 6150, but wanted to bring the narrow conveyor concept, coupled with high production, to a more compact paver.”

The LeeBoy 8608 is powered by a 125HP Kubota Tier 4 engine and 14.4 KW belt driven generator. With an operating width of up to 15’ 6”, this versatile machine will be easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

Smooth Ride + Ease of Maintenance

Operator comfort is always in the forefront of each LeeBoy machine, but the new 8608 asphalt paver takes that to another level with the addition of the Oscillating Bogie Style Track System. 

“The tracks on this machine are set wider apart which gives contractors additional clearance to drive over utilities, but we also added the Oscillating Bogie Style Track System as a premium benefit to this new machine,” Broome said. “The oscillating bogies allow the tractor to ride over an obstacle more smoothly which not only benefits thLeeBoy_8608-2e operator, but the end product as well. The smoother the tractor, the smoother the operation of the screed which in turn improves mat quality.”

The demand in the market for a narrow conveyor machine in this class not only satisfies an industry need, but also drives efficiency in maintenance and operation. The machine also includes a lowered SCR, exhaust and flat hood for enhanced operator visibility and access. 

 Visit LeeBoy at the Construction on the Mall, to learn more. 

8608 Asphalt Paver At A Glance:

  • 125 hp Kubota Tier 4 Final Engine
  • Extended Paving Widths:  Variable up to 15’ on HD Screed and 15’6” on HD Pro Screed 
  • Legend Heavy-Duty Electric Screed (Optional HD Pro Screed)
  • Actuator Driven Hood Lift to Aid in Maintenance
  • Low Profile-SCR & Exhaust for Enhanced Visibility
  • 14.4KW Belt Driven Generator
  • 12” diameter Quick Change Auger Assemblies
  • Efficient Narrow Conveyor Material Management System
  • Oscillating Bogie Style, B1 Smooth Poly Pad Track System
  • Operator Friendly Toggle Switch Controls
  • Optional Smooth Rubber Tracks



Kristi Harris

Director of Marketing, LeeBoy



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