FAE to Showcase 2 State-Of-The-Art New Equipment Releases at Celebration of Construction on the National Mall 2023

Known for setting industry standards in all the markets it serves, FAE’s main focus continues to be on technological innovation, cutting-edge product design and top quality standards, delivering products that fulfill the needs and applications of ever changing global and local markets.

FAE’s commitment is evident in the timeliness, suitability and continuity of all new product releases and product enhancements annually.  Paving the way for an entire industry and earning its solid position as global leader in the land management and road construction attachment sector.

Discover FAE’s Newest Technological Releases!


Hard-to-access areas, steeply sloping terrain, rough grades up to 55 degrees and sensitive ground conditions are no challenge for FAE’s new RCU line of compact remote controlled tracked carriers. With this new series, FAE is delivering the unmatched quality, performance, durability and reliability it is known for, with a model that is far superior to anything currently available in this market segment. Land_Clearing_TC_RCU_FAE_ADV

Main applications for the FAE RCU line include: forestry management, plantation and crop maintenance, canals, rivers and pond overgrowth cleanup, power lines, oil & gas, R.O.W. maintenance, roadside and railway vegetation management, any application where access to larger units is limited or the working terrain is too dangerous for an operator.

FAE has released 2 models in the series, the RCU-55 and the RCU-75: The RCU-55 will be on display at the event.


49” and 59” cutting width

Flail 2” and BL 5” shredding diameter

56 hp Kohler engine

Bite Limiter Rotor Technology

Hydrostatic variable track system

Load Control Function

BL Mulcher or Flail Mower

Multiple Track Options

Danfoss Remote Control


58” cutting width

6” shredding diameter

74 hp Kohler engine

Bite Limiter Rotor Technology

Hydrostatic variable track system

Load Control Function

Multiple Track Options, Including Steel Track Option

Danfoss Remote Control



Based on ‘cold planer’ technology, the new FAE RPL/SSL and RPM/SSL deliver efficient and powerful performance with integrated state-of-the art technology that helps finish the job faster and with outstanding milling precision. Designed for ‘plug and play’ pairing with skid steers, these units feature self-leveling skids for optimal results, hydraulic drive system, depth indicators, optimum operator visibility, water injection system, specially designed teeth and a rotor layout engineered by FAE to increase performance and reduce vibration.RPM GraphicConstruction_HY_RPL_SSL_FAE_ADV

The FAE RPL/SSL and RPM/SSL are designed for smaller paving jobs in residential and commercial applications where dedicated planers have limited access. The main applications for these units is to restore asphalt and concrete surfaces, milling prior to resurfacing, removing damaged pavement, or to simplify excavation operations. FAE will have its RPL/SSL on display at this event. 


For skid steers from 60 to 120 hp

6.7” working depth 

Available in three widths 18”, 24” and 30”


For skid steers from 75 to 120 hp

9.8” working depth

24” working width  

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A Word From FAE USA’s CEO, Giorgio Carera


At FAE, we understand that our dealers and customers are our biggest asset and we believe in developing strong, long-lasting relationships, and building trust.

 We strive to provide exceptional service and support every step of the way. We know that when our dealers and customers succeed, we succeed, and that's why we're committed to providing the tools, resources, and expertise they need to achieve their goals.

 As manufacturers, we understand the importance of strong business operating principles. We believe that these principles are essential for building trust and maintaining strong relationships with our dealers and customers. We want to work with them to create a successful and sustainable business. Therefore, we encourage our business partners to embrace the same principles, such as honesty, transparency, and accountability. By doing so, we can ensure that our business partnership is built on a solid foundation of integrity and mutual respect. We want to work together to create a successful and prosperous future for us all.

 FAE is committed to producing the highest quality equipment to make sure all parties are sustainable and profitable. We separate ourselves by being the innovation leaders in the industry, producing the most advanced forestry mulchers and road construction attachments available.

 We will continue to develop and create new solutions to advance the industry and to be ahead of anyone else.There’s something intangible that you experience working with FAE and it gives you extra motivation.

 Investment in R&D is critical for FAE to achieve this ambitious goal and maintain its long-standing reputation for innovation, demonstrated as far back as 1989 when the company was first founded.

 FAE started and has kept growing and developing always with the same principle: our customers in mind.

Giorgio Carera


Italian-American Company Leading the Way:  Forest Health, Road recycling Sustainability For Future Generations    

Becoming a leading producer and worldwide pioneer of sustainable land management and road construction equipment is a vision turned into reality for FAE Group. The Italian manufacturer, widely known for providing outstanding quality products, has steadily solidified its position over the last 30 years, developing key global markets and a deeply rooted operation in the US.

Headquartered in a 35K sq ft, purpose-built facility just north of metro Atlanta, FAE USA is the Group’s USA Division, serving a wide distribution network of over 300 dealer partners in all 50 US states along with most of Central and South America. The Georgia based company houses full sales, marketing, administrative, logistics, service, parts and support teams, employing more than 40 individuals and contributing to the economy and supply chain nationwide, but most importantly, in the state.  Under the leadership of Giorgio Carera for over 17 consecutive years, the organization has developed strong relationships, executed a long term vision and created a unique culture of leadership and excellence. 

Sustainable Land Management

The United Nations defines sustainable land management (SLM) as “the use of land resources, including soils, water, wildlife and plants, for the production of goods to meet changing human needs, while simultaneously ensuring the long-term productive potential of these resources and the maintenance of their environmental functions.” FAE USA is currently the largest supplier of sustainable land management equipment in the US, directly helping government agencies, non-profit organizations and private groups reach their goals of ensuring that natural resources are available for future generations.

Some of the SLM applications where FAE Equipment is widely used in the US include:

●        Wildfire prevention and mitigation - through practices such as selective vegetation control, firebreaks creation and controlled forest thinning, FAE equipment is used to prevent and lessen the impact of wildfires that severely affect states such as California, Washington and Texas, among others,  helping save forests, entire communities, precious wildlife and, in many cases, human lives.

●        Reduction of soil erosion - mulching underbrush enhances the soil’s capacity to buffer against degradation processes providing soil stability and resilience. FAE equipment incorporates biomass into the soil often leaving it in better condition than before it was treated.

●        Protection of natural habitats - through the creation of food plots, wildlife corridors, establishment of permanent vegetation, non-native species control and forest edge improvement, among many other SLM practices, FAE equipment contributes to natural habitat conservation and restoration. 

●        Elimination of invasive species  - through precise forest management, FAE equipment selectively tackles invasive species while leaving desired ones intact, even when in close proximity. 

●        Improvement of the protection of wetlands - which are highly productive ecosystems. Managing wetlands typically involves manipulating water levels and vegetation in the wetland, and providing an upland buffer which is possible to do with FAE equipment.

●        Development and maintenance of recreational spaces - including green areas, parks, horse and biking trails, camping sites, hiking paths, gravel roads, bird watching, hunting and fishing areas, ski tracks, just to name a few,  that greatly enhance our quality of life and promote safe enjoyment of nature.

●        Facilitation of Sustainable agriculture - By optimizing production while minimizing negative environmental impacts that promote the protection, conservation, enhancement and efficient use of natural resources.

●        Reforestation efforts  - to re-establish healthy forests and preserve biodiversity within the ecosystem.

●        Land conservation - to protect biodiversity, clean air and water.

●        Eco-tourism projects - for sustainable recreational purposes.

FAE’s motto is to ‘Make The Difference.’ Through its mission of developing products that contribute to building a better world through sustainable land management, and offering productive construction tools that allow less equipment to do similar jobs.  Cutting down on emissions, and keeping our air cleaner.

 FAE is proud to be part of the solution and part of making America and the entire world a healthier and safer place, and, most importantly, available for our future generations.

About FAE


FAE is the world leader in the design and production of heads for tractors, excavators, skid steers, special vehicles and tracked vehicles for forestry, agricultural, road and demining operations. With a range of over 90 products and 400 models, FAE is able to satisfy the most diverse of customer needs. FAE's range of heads includes forestry mulchers, cutters, stump cutters, stone crushers, stabilizers and multifunction heads. The tracked vehicles we offer include tracked vehicles with cab as well as radio-controlled tracked vehicles. FAE focuses on technological innovation and construction quality in order to ensure maximum performance and reliability for its machines. The company's headquarters are located in northern Italy, in Fondo (Trento), established in the area where FAE was founded in 1989. The production, sale, after-sales service and distribution of spare parts are guaranteed through our 4 production sites, the head office, 6 commercial branches and a network of authorized dealers all over the world.


Established in 2002, FAE USA is located in Flowery Branch, Georgia. The branch employs 40 people between the sales office and after-sales assistance, and relies on a warehouse for accessories and original spare parts. Through its own staff and a solid network of authorized dealers, FAE USA markets the entire range of FAE machines in the USA, Mexico and Central America. A team of specialized operators in constant contact with the FAE team at Headquarters guarantees the best after-sales assistance service both in the Service and Spare Parts area.


At FAE, every machine, accessory and option is designed with the utmost precision, the best materials and the most advanced technologies. Each detail is designed to make the execution of the task as quick and efficient as possible, exactly for the application to be performed in the conditions and in the environment where it will be carried out. Each FAE machine and accessory was created to make a difference in work and - given the importance of some of the applications for the world we live in - for the planet. This is why each person on our team, each partner and each customer works every day.

This is the FAE spirit.