Washington, D.C.,
22:12 PM

Equipment Manufacturers Support Reopening of Tariff Exclusions

Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) senior vice president of government and industry relations Kip Eideberg issued the following statement on the Biden administration’s pledge to reopen the tariff exclusion process.

“While we fully support the administration’s pledge to reopen the tariff exclusion process, U.S. equipment manufacturers want to see the removal of the tariffs already in place, reach a negotiated agreement for China to follow through with purchases under the Phase One deal, and avoid future trade friction between the world’s two largest economies. China’s unfair trade practices must change. However, the broad and unilateral use of tariffs has undermined our industry’s global competitiveness. The Biden administration must continue to work with our trading partners and allies and use alternative means to level the playing field.”

Free and fair trade policy is vital to the long-term growth of the equipment manufacturing industry. One third of equipment made in the United States is destined for export, and the current Section 301 tariffs hurt both equipment manufacturers, undermine our nation’s competitiveness and cost American taxpayers billions. Tariffs on manufacturing inputs also raise the costs of production and result in job losses for U.S. equipment manufacturers. It is time for the Biden administration to reopen the tariff exclusion process and work towards removing the harmful tariffs altogether.

About the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)

AEM is the North American-based international trade group representing off-road equipment manufacturers and suppliers, with more than 1,000 companies and more than 200 product lines in the agriculture and construction-related industry sectors worldwide. The equipment manufacturing industry supports 2.8 million jobs in the U.S. Equipment manufacturers also contribute $288 billion a year to the U.S. economy.