19:48 PM

AEM Partners with DuraMark Technologies for Safety Labels

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has partnered with DuraMark Technologies, a leading manufacturer in the durable labels industry. The partnership will provide AEM members preferred access to DuraMark’s catalog of equipment and manufacturing specific safety labels.

DuraMark, located in Westfield, Indiana, utilizes an all-in-one approach to safety label manufacturing and unique printing capabilities to create mass quantities of custom and durable safety labels. Their labels are widely sought after, thus catching the attention of AEM who thought it would prove to be a useful service to its members. 

“AEM has consistently sought out ways to amplify the progress of our members and their businesses,” said Jaime Vos, director of Safety Materials Program at AEM. “After seeing DuraMark’s success and the value of the products they provide to their customers, we knew our members would benefit from a potential partnership”.

Bill Bussick, President & CEO of DuraMark Technologies, echoed AEM’s excitement and hope for a beneficial relationship, saying: “This new partnership gives AEM members direct access and easy procurement for all types of safety labels. We look forward to helping all of the AEM members ensure proper labeling with clear messaging for important safety measures on all of their equipment, and in every facility.”

In addition to preferred access to DuraMark’s catalog, DuraMark will directly support AEM member’s when customizing or creating labels fit their specific needs. DuraMark’s in-house art department is capable of quick turn around and creation of custom labels, thus expediting the process of getting exact imagery and messages members may need for their equipment labels.